Windansea Beach In La Jolla, California

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The beaches you'll discover in La Jolla, California are spectacular. Featuring everything from majestic cliffs and hidden coves to vast expanses of soft sand, they're ideal for swimming, surfing, sunbathing, and seal watching. And with great year round weather, you'll have no excuse not to take advantage of what this special destination just north of San Diego has to offer in the way of beaches, especially Windansea Beach. With its incredibly strong waves caused by protruding rocks and submerged reefs, Windansea is usually where you'll see very serious surfers. There are also plenty of swimmers but caution is required due to the rocks and heavy surf. During the summer, lifeguards are on duty from 9 in the morning until dusk. 

When there aren't surfers or swimmers at Windansea Beach, you'll often find couples walking hand in hand. This is an extremely romantic spot, thanks to the stunning sunsets with incredible colors. It's a heavily photographed locale, too. The historic surf shack draws folks from near and far who are seeking a truly unique background for their memories. Many newlyweds-to-be come to pose for pictures here before the big day gets underway. If you've got a dog, he or she can accompany you after 4 in the afternoon during winter months and after 6 in the evening all year long. Learn more about Windansea Beach at
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