Things to Do in San Diego - See the Seal Pups at La Jolla

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Things to Do in San Diego - See the Seal Pups at La Jolla

Early every year, female harbor seals come to the gentle beach of La Jolla to give birth to their pups, nurse, teach them to swim, and keep them protected from the dangers of the deep blue sea. From high above the cove, you can watch these playful creatures learn to swim with their moms – getting rolled by the gently lapping waves, and then getting back up to do it all over, again and again. The small, horseshoe-shaped beach is perfect for learning how to swim – and human children love it too. But during this fragile seal pupping season, the marine mammals enjoy exclusive access to the beach. While the closure is a bit controversial in town, as many people don’t want to give up access to the water during pup season, for animal enthusiasts – seeing the cute, helpless creatures play in the surf is truly a magical experience. You’ll find the seal pups all month long – they’re one of the top attractions in La Jolla.

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