La Jolla Open Aire Market

About 3 year(s) ago by Empress Hotel
La Jolla Open Aire Market

Picture local handcrafted gifts, treasures, and trinkets, fresh produce from area farms, and multitudes of families enjoying the weather and the setting. Spend your Sunday strolling among the colorful and fragrant aisles of the La Jolla Open Aire Market! A once small gathering of farmers and artisans has blossomed into an incredible weekly community event. Peruse the 100+ vendors of the market—you’re sure to find something totally unique, absolutely delicious, or both!


The market’s inception was that of a concerned elementary school mother and activist, who noticed the La Jolla Elementary library was seriously lacking. With the help of the San Diego Unified School District, her dream became a reality. Since 1998, the Open Air Market has been the funding backbone for a number of school programs, events, and improvements—supplies, more teachers, and music and art programs, to name just a few. Your shopping makes a palpable difference felt at La Jolla Elementary, and it’s a fun way to support the school as well!
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