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La Jolla Sea Cave Tours

Make the most of your La Jolla vacation with a special sea cave tour. An hour-and-a-half-long quest, this popular experience is perfect for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike. You and the rest of your crew will spend the afternoon exploring flora and fauna along the cliffs, deep water canyons, and kelp forests via one- and two-person kayaks.
Five distinct marine environments call this marine ecological reserve home, making it one of the most extraordinary stretches of coastline in California. You'll also see plenty of sea life basking on the cliffs, including sea lions and pelicans—not to mention tons of marine life swimming below. Watch as the giant bay rays feed from the sandy bottoms, and then as brightly colored garibaldi head toward the rocky shallows.
This one-of-a-kind experience allows kayakers of all skill levels to bask in the beauty of the intricate details surrounding them. Take note of the constantly moving ocean, and how its incessant shifting has gorged out the unique sea caves before you. Or look at how the leopard sharks troll the deep, and then how the cormorants nest on the staggering cliff faces.
And while entering the caves isn't always a sure bet, getting wet is! So make sure to saddle up in water-friendly gear for this wild and wet adventure. As part of your trip, participants are given a life jacket and helmet as well as a professional tour guide to help make the most of your trip. Tour prices are $60 for single and $80 for tandem during the week, and then $65 and $85, respectively, during weekends and holidays.
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