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Paul Dresher Ensemble: Schick Machine

Founded in 1985, the Paul Dresher Ensemble is among the frontrunners in contemporary performing ensembles in America today. Known for its exceptional, yet experimental methods, this leading performing arts group is home to an eclectic crew of composers, whose novel methods of marrying electronic and acoustic instruments make it widely accessible to groups of all types. Core audiences and multifaceted listeners will relish the chance to witness the bridge between such different musical genres, including classical, rock & roll, jazz, and world music.
Now, in its 21st year, music aficionados will have the chance of a lifetime this winter as Schick Machine comes to La Jolla on February 25-27. During this innovative performance, virtuoso percussionist Steve Schick takes the stage to depict the whimsical stories of his childhood in Iowa. Using huge, inventive instruments typical of the Paul Dresher Ensemble, Schick works to lure audiences into a magical world full of surprises. Watch as an electrified metal hoop continues spinning to no avail, and as assorted woodblocks bounce around on stage. The noise-making objects and various invented instruments—including the Hurdy Grande, the Tumbler, the Peacock, and the Field of Flowers—lead the way for his impressive performance.
Composer Paul Dresher, whose exemplary music combines the spirit of the West Coast and his own unique style, helped to compose this captivating ensemble. An internationally active composer, Dresher has quickly become a favorite for his innovative musical thinking. Attendees of this weekend-long adventure will relish the opportunity to see this maverick in full-force at UC San Diego's Mandeville Auditorium.
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